Artist's Statement

Color is my passion. I seek to engage the viewer in my visual world - that of colors playing together. Colors, not to create specific images but evoke sensations, thoughts, moods and memories of times and places. My palette is the vocabulary of visual poetry - my gestures, its syntax. Having experimented with representational, geometric and amorphous forms of color, abstraction and studied gesture then permitted color alone to define space, dimension, light, perspective and temperament.
Each painting begins with an imagined color. I love the process of mixing paint, finding a suitable contrast or complement, as one color leads to the next. Rhythmically repetitive brush strokes layer the colors. My gestures can be playful, infusing the canvas with flecks, strokes, or threads of color. The process is purposely slow, observing how colors create distinctive illusions at distances. Juxtaposing fields of color produce spatial dynamics that depend on dabbing, calligraphic gestures or the defined edges of stripescapes and colorscapes.